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Zora and Women Artists Day

The blog for WomenArts has a thoughtful post noting the 75th anniversary of the WPA programs and the third annual Support Women Artists Now (SWAN) Day, coming up on March 27. Martha Richards notes the daunting obstacles that women artists faced then and now: “We put in long hours for under-staffed non-profits or juggle several part-time jobs along with childcare duties,” and still often get overlooked in surveys of the workforce and the economy.

    Richards highlights WPA writers Eudora Welty, whose experiences as a publicity assistant and photographer fed her first short stories, and Zora Neale Hurston, a main figure in Soul of a People (see my 8/18/09 post). Hurston’s great gift, said Alice Walker, was showing her characters “relishing the pleasure of each other’s loquacious and bodacious company.” Richards then looks forward another 75 years with the hope that women artists will continue to celebrate each other’s bodacious company, in good times and bad.
    Watch their website and Facebook page for SWAN Day plans and opportunities.

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