The Page 99 Test

At Marshal Zeringue’s invitation, I put Cork Wars to the Page 99 test developed nearly a century ago. As Ford Madox Ford explained, “Open the book to page ninety-nine and read, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you.”

When I turned to page 99 in my book, it marked the start of a key chapter illuminating the hidden world at the heart of the story: the industrial espionage during World War II that embroiled worked in the cork industry in the intelligence game, caught in neutral countries and reporting to U.S. spy agencies on what they found. “Among the Spies in Lisbon” follows American businessman Melchor Marsa, a naturalized American born in Catalonia. He came to America, married and settled in Brooklyn, and raised a family. Then fate came calling.

Read the full story on Zeringue’s blog. And stay tuned.

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