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Porto’s Unexpected Cork Country

Feb 23 2019

When we arrived in Porto in December 2016, one of the first things I did was try a port wine tasting near…

Podcast – Cork and Intrigue with WYPR’s Sheilah Kast

Feb 07 2019

Ahead of the events for Cork Wars in Baltimore last week, I spoke with Sheilah Kast in the studios of WYPR, Baltimore’s…

Q&A with Robin Sitten, Cork Wars audiobook producer

Jan 24 2019

Audiobook producer Robin J. Sitten talks about the challenges, choices and satisfactions of bringing a compelling story to listeners.

Largehearted Boy Playlist for Cork Wars

Jan 17 2019

Largehearted Boy, a music and literature website, highlighted a musical pathway into Cork Wars.

The Page 99 Test

Jan 11 2019

At Marshal Zeringue’s invitation, I put Cork Wars to the Page 99 test developed nearly a century ago. As Ford Madox Ford…

Portugal Holds Delicacies and a Surprising Story of Cork

Feb 06 2018

As featured in the Washington Post, my trip to Portugal tracked some delicious adventures in Lisbon, as well as up the coast…