Soul of a People: Writing America’s Story

Os_EgQ3Z5HGhnNcqvy2x8wMts8lJ2cv6b6jDdamFw48Soul of a People: Writing America’s Story – A ground-breaking documentary on 1930s America and the Federal Writers’ Project, which documented in riveting detail life during the Great Depression and helped launch talents such as Ralph Ellison, Zora Neale Hurston, John Cheever, Richard Wright, Studs Terkel, Margaret Walker, Nelson Algren, and Jim Thompson. For more on this topic, read the Village Voice article about Ellison’s Harlem before Invisible Man, the Smithsonian article on the WPA Guides, and about the friendship between Wright and Algren in The American Scholar.
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Worlds of Sound: The Ballad of Folkways

Worlds-of-Sound-137592_212x213Worlds of Sound: The Ballad of Folkways, the story of the little pirate record label with the global reach, premiered on the Smithsonian ChannelHD and won a 2010 CINE Golden Eagle award. Watch the trailer and get the film on iTunes or Amazon.

Partners of the Heart

Partners-300x138Partners of the Heart, PBS’s American Experience – A documentary by director Andrea Kalin on breaking taboos in medicine and society.

Other Documentaries

  • “Reflections on Being Blue,” “Vivien’s Baltimore,” and “Breaking Down the Walls of Medicine” – Special features on the DVD Partners of the Heart. “Reflections on Being Blue” received a CINE Golden Eagle award.
  • Endangered Animals: Survivors on the Brink, National Geographic – An educational film; silver winner at the Cindy Awards.

Television Series

Discovery Channel

The Learning Channel

  • Great Castles of Europe, The Learning Channel – “Odescalchi, Malbork and Wawel”
  • Great Palaces of the World, The Learning Channel – “Bangkok’s Grand Palace”

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Other Film Projects

My People, a feature film screenplay co-written with Jim McGrath, was a winner in the 2012 WGA Screenplay Reading series and received a stage reading in New York.

Strikers, a one-act film script, was honored in the New England Screenwriting Competition and the Woods Hole Film Festival Screenplay Contest.