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Success: Stories

The stories in the award-winning fiction collection, Success: Stories, invite you into lives of characters caught in our increasingly intertwined world. The short stories offer a glimpse of human nature in many settings. The dramas come to life with humor and feeling. Prize-winning novelist Caroline Leavitt writes of these stories, “Taylor unpeels the lives and loves of ordinary people to reveal nuggets of extraordinary truths…Deceptively spare and absolutely unforgettable.”

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More Short Fiction


  • That Red Vest – in The MacGuffin.
  • Lovely, Dark and Deep – in Gargoyle #61, Summer 2014.
  • Butterworth – in Barrelhouse magazine’s 2013 Beach Reads issue.
  • Bingo – in Washington City Paper‘s first Fiction Issue, January 2013.
  • In the Garden – in Arabesques.
  • May Day – in The Jabberwock Review.
  • Pelagro – in Eclectica, and in the anthology, Eclectica’s Best Fiction, Volume One.
    Buy the book. Reviewers call Pelagro a “tightly composed and satisfying story,… equally compelling in dealing with the complexities of one’s limitations and failures, within the context of a father and son relationship.”
  • Monsters – in Pindeldyboz. Named a Notable Online Story by Story South in its Million Writers Award.
  • Errand – in Eclectica. Named a Notable Online Story of 2004 in the Million Writers Award.
  • Trade Show – appeared in Wind, Issue 91.
  • Child Thief – in Potomac Review #34.
  • Bottle – in Zone 3, Spring/Summer 2002, if you can find it.
  • Electrolysis – in Main Street Rag, Summer 2003.