Ginseng, The Divine Root


Ginseng, The Divine Root uncovers an epic tale of herbal medicine and the plant prized for centuries by emperors, healers, and smugglers. Collected by Daniel Boone, ginseng was one of North America’s first major exports to Asia. The book tracks the plant through one season, following its wild ride from remote forests in Appalachia to markets in China, a journey laced with crime, myths, gourmet cuisine, pop culture, and continental drift. Learn more at Algonquin Books. Hear David on Good Food and A Chef’s Table. Also hear NPR interviews on the Kojo Nnamdi Show, and Wisconsin Public Radio’s Here On Earth. Read reviews in the Boston Globe and buy Ginseng, the Divine Root.

Now available as an e-book and one of the Lucky 7 specials from Algonquin Books.

Ginseng, the Divine Root – Algonquin Books – Download the fact sheet or listen to an NPR interview to hear “Ginseng Blues” and one ginseng champion’s story.

The Chinese language edition is available here. See more reviews (and add your own!) on Goodreads.

Visit IndieBound here to order online or in person from your favorite independent bookstore.


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